Get to the point!

Make your work easy to remember

One of my favorite items this past few months is my Instax, which I’m using for portraits of Shakespeare, family, and loved ones. It’s a welcome change from the digital world and nice to have a little souvenir that I know I will treasure over time.

As spring begins after our last frost, I’m looking forward to getting garden beds set up and spending some time rollerskating.

The promise of cherry tomatoes, lots of sunbathing, giving Shakes the occasional stray leaf from the garden, and time spent outside has been a healing balm for the recent disappointments under the unmasked Texas sun.

This week’s tip is not to bury the lede.

Be clear about your point, and spend the rest of your time supporting and driving it home.

In whatever you’re writing, try to make your primary message simple so it’s easy to remember, easy to follow, and easy to share. If you’d like to fill out your message with detail, do it in a way that guides people and keeps them interested. If possible, mention something that gives them a personal stake to finish reading.

Good writers do the work to take a stance and provide readers with value. What value can you add to those you want to connect with? Good writers are guides: they show what’s possible, communicate a new point of view, and encourage others to use their imagination.

I hope to be that type of writer someday. What’s the last piece of writing that you really loved? Send it my way!