What is Shakespeare’s Desk?

Every month, I’m creating bite-sized creativity/writing tips inspired by my dog Shakespeare’s learnings in life, nature, and fun, and our life in Austin, Tx.

Who’s Shakespeare?

Shakespeare (Shakey) is my 7-year-old blue heeler pup who balances dedicated time basking in the sun with a penchant for speed.

Many people ask me if he’s a writer. I think of him more as a paddle ball toy with explosive bursts of energy, but when he gets a pensive expression on his face, I can’t help but wonder what he’d like to say.

His dedication to pursuing time outdoors and curiosity toward anything interesting (smelly, fast, or friendly) is something that I think we could all use more of. And even better, his friendship reminds me to infuse heart, grit, and fun into my life and to be my own biggest fan, first.

Why subscribe?

I’m also one to avoid the influx of emails and constant unsubscribing, but I wanted to create this newsletter to provide some inspiration, heart, and brightness for those that like what I’m doing here. I can count on one hand the newsletters that I love, and I want this to be one of those for you.

I’m also considering subscriber-only posts where I dive deeper into writing approaches, self-paced learning, how I structure my free time, and the disciplines I keep in order to keep creative momentum in my life and work. With that, a portion of monthly proceeds will be donated to various animal rescue, conservation, social justice, or conservation organizations in Austin, TX.

Who are you?

I’m Sharon Tan, Shakespeare’s human, based in Austin. Get in touch on Twitter or Instagram. Thanks for visiting!